Areas of Practice

At Weiss Burkett, our attorneys focus on working with families, providing advice, document preparation, settlement, negotiation, mediation and litigation. Located in Lebanon, PA, we work with clients and families throughout Lebanon County and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate and work closely with you, no matter the nature of your case. We are dedicated to assisting you and in making your needs our priority.

Estate Planning & Probate

An estate plan includes your will as well as your power of attorney, trust, guardianship of minors, life insurance, and all instructions for what should happen to your estate, or everything you own, after death. An estate plan is essential for ensuring that your possessions end up with the people you love, as well as making sure that your family doesn’t face any confusion, excessive costs or financial losses. We will work with you to create your will, navigate the probate process, as well as continually update your estate plan so that all of your wishes will be met.

Will Preparation

A will is a document in which you state to whom your assets should go after your death. Our attorneys will help you create a thorough will that ensures your peace of mind and prevents any unnecessary distress among family members and loved ones when it comes time to distributing your possessions. We can also advise you on and help you prepare other “end of life” documents which you may desire, such as Powers of Attorney and Living Wills.

Family & Divorce Lawyer in Lebanon, PA | Weiss Burkett
Family & Divorce Lawyer in Lebanon, PA | Weiss Burkett

Family Law

Small Business Formation

When creating a small business, make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side. We determine what type of business organization is best for your needs, as well as create any needed documentation and contracts, making sure all of the details are laid out so you can enjoy success.

Family & Divorce Lawyer in Lebanon, PA | Weiss Burkett

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